I study the sociology of news production and the challenges and opportunities facing news organizations and journalists. Specifically, I explore the roles of local media in communities and the potential of these news organizations to spur engagement through content and reader interaction. I have a specific interest in magazine and alternative media.

My CV is available here: Joy Jenkins CV

My doctoral dissertation at the University of Missouri School of Journalism used a qualitative case study to explore how staff members at an award-winning city magazine discursively constructed their journalistic identity within a geographically focused media organization. The study also considered the relationship between journalistic identity and organizational identity by addressing how the staff members described their surrounding community and their publication’s role within it, including the magazine’s focus on participating in community-development efforts, and how those understandings shaped the news organization and its members. Lastly, the study assessed D’s role as a player in the local media ecosystem, including how the organization was influenced by economic, political, social, and technological shifts in the journalism field and the ways the organization responded through efforts to negotiate and reinforce its dominance.

As a postdoctoral research fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, I am using qualitative methods to study how local and regional newspapers in four European countries are adapting to changes facing the news industry. The project addresses the value, influence, and future of local journalism from the perspectives of staff members working in both the editorial and business sides of these newspapers. It also examines how they understand and respond to shifts in audience behavior and media markets and how both are influenced by the move toward an increasingly digital, mobile, and platform-dominated media environment.

Prior to pursuing my Ph.D., I served as senior editor at TulsaPeople Magazine (2005-2012) and copy editor at the Oklahoma Gazette (2004-2005).

I received a Master of Science in Mass Communication/Media Management from Oklahoma State University in 2011 and Bachelor of Arts in journalism (summa cum laude) from the University of Oklahoma in 2004.