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Teaching Journalism 1000: The News Media at the University of Missouri

As an educator, I have three goals: (1) to provide students with the tools necessary to begin and achieve success in their careers; (2) to encourage them to critically assess their work as a means of continual improvement; and (3) to instill in them a sense of pride in their work and the profession of journalism as a whole.

I achieve these goals by exposing students to the best practices in journalism, empowering them to embark into the community to look for story ideas and interact with sources, and providing them opportunities to evaluate their work individually and collectively.

I also value mentoring as part of the learning process and am committed to encouraging students to recognize their strengths and develop their weaknesses. Overall, this will result in the development of thoughtful, engaged professionals who are equipped, confident, and passionate about their chosen field.

I have taught the following undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Missouri School of Journalism:

Journalism 1000: The News Media: Journalism and Advertising in a Democratic Society
Instructor of record (fall 2015, spring 2016, spring 2017)

Reporting Beat Leader for Vox Magazine
Spring 2015

Journalism 1100: Principles of American Journalism
Teaching shadow (fall 2014)

Journalism 8008: Qualitative Research Methods
Instructor of record (summer 2014)

Journalism 2100: Newswriting
Instructor of record (spring 2014)

Journalism 2100: Newswriting
Teaching shadow (fall 2013)




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